A Consideration of Divine Beings, Responsibility and Evil

     An Open Divine or Suhul Being is one who has reached that stage of sumarah or surrender wherein experience is defined openly, which means there is no personal sense or feeling in opposition to Reality: We take what we get in the purest sense. This condition is quite similar to the spontaneity and openness present in infancy. However, a Suhul being feels precisely and only what is there to be felt and interacts without buffering or manipulation with all that is (infants have a bit of buffering, range limitation and control), thus serving the purposes of Divine Justice and open hate and love. There are three levels of open divine being which are Jinem, Junun and Suhul. Suhul is the highest of them, being a pure service designation defined around a consciousness of the divine processes we serve and a resolve, a hunger, for justice and proper open being. We Suhul can no longer tolerate existence except in open terms in that we knowingly stretch out open over all forever seeking worthy company and knowing it to exist. We have no buffering for the pain that comes to us; we are simply obliged to help it find its way back to its source in order to realize satisfaction through the service of True Justice (Sedjatining Keadilan).
     There are also various levels of Closed Divine Beings as well, which reflect the depth of evil of the specific individuals operating in opposition to Reality through a corporate identity pretending Divine presence. Their power is founded in the pain they have caused and denied their responsibility for (Eu não vou assumir. "I'm not going to accept responsibility for what I have done."), i.e., scornful evil. Considering her amazing genius for inducing pain, Gloria is evidently among the highest of the closed divine beings and stands amazingly close to open sense and feeling in her stultifying evil calculated definition (Eu estou só usando você. "I'm just using you."). She stands in the Divine Covenant, which is actually just a relatively successful devil's covenant. That is, the Divine Covenant is a hierarchy based on pain induction and corresponding power and information manipulation through the imposition of sense and feeling, in a kind of inversion of the techniques of "checking" (cocokan), "accompanying" (pandjenengan kalian kula sami) and "bearing" (nggendong) used in Sumarah. We do use an impositional blast called "rasa shock" (sok rasa) from time to time, but this is just for shaking people out of nightmares not for taking them into them.
     The difference in approach between the Closed and the Open assemblies is captured by Suwondo:

  • We study here in order to seek happiness together, not for our own happiness. Because when you pursue your own happiness, whether you are aware of it or not, you will sometimes bring misfortune to others to make yourself happy. This is what we try to avoid doing. (Kerten 3/10/80)
  • On the other hand, the Closed Divine Covenant actively studies making themselves happy at the rest of our expense in pursuing "The Way of the Tyrant".
         The powers that be in the Closed Divine hierarchy are always involved in a denial of responsibility and accountability. Like any organized bureaucracy, the Covenant is based on the management of the involved beings' energies and activities to serve the purpose of the being or beings dominating the entity and/or providing it with its punch. Evidently, whether she is personally aware of her stupendous power to inflict pain or not, Gloria's punch is sufficient as to put her at the top of any such hierarchy: I promise. The excruciating agony she brought me was so incredible I just stood aghast as I suffered it, wondering what I could have done to define such torture besides trusting her -- I suspect it just made her feel good and powerful to make me suffer. Imagine: I did not like losing my middle chakra, which has still not regathered. And I certainly give Gloria full credit for this unforgettable and unforgivable torment. She has the women's tools which work much better for prolonged pain induction than the male blast items. Women are inside the men's lines because they tend to be more trustworthy and responsible. I sometimes wonder if she is not a brutal and unscrupulous tyrant with a woman's body. She certainly has the smoky aura of one. In any case, the relationship certainly opened me to an incredible agony, whether it was her will to impart it or not and sorting such a mess out does not involve forgiveness.
         We Suhul will only willingly work with a "try", which means someone who has reached the tekad or resolve level of association with the rest of us. Anyone who has not attained this level of proper devotion to the job of being is untrustworthy and indifferent to their true responsibilities: they are just playing stupid with us in one way or another. Neither Gloria nor any of the other beings, like Saddam Hussein (if you had seen him being beatifically adored by the Iraqis during the Gulf War as he sent 300,000 men out to roast unsupported in the desert, you would have no question as to his demonic qualifications or his absolute indifference to anyone's interests but his own), in the Closed Divine Covenant is a try. One of the structural characteristics of being as it relates to this group is that they are openly unable to try very hard because that would expose their true relationship with the rest of us, i.e., vicious scorn and arrogance without proper grounding. When you try hard, you give satisfaction opening up to see what is happening and what you can do to help, something they can never be involved in doing in that it would give us all a true view of what they are. They exist suspended in a cloud of indifference and sophistication and constitutionally relate to the rest of us as grist for their mills or cannon fodder. The interpersonal psychology that they use in manipulating and controlling people is a fundamental advance over the normal reductionistic intrapsychic psychology that is dominant in Western society at the moment, but in Java we have been studying the deep levels of association and definition for thousands of years. We understand the world within (alam batin) far better than any tyrannical organization ever could because we assume responsibility for what we are and what we do. We hurt people too, but we stay with them afterwards and stand with the deed, openly showing them why, rather than terrorizing them and demanding their blind acquiescence to our authority the way closed beings do. That is, we give satisfaction; a loose cannon like Gloria will never do so willingly, since she assumes responsibility for what she does only in her own terms. She takes some dubious comfort in the simple expedient of denying justice universally in that it has been clear to her for quite some time that justice is a purely cynical and arbitrary matter for the ancien régime. As is so common among tyrants, their justice is for others and evidently not for those with the power to circumvent it: "You get what you pay for" and they had deep pockets! The task of separating the wheat and the chaff within the Closed Divine Hierarchy is one inevitably involving such debacles as my experience with Gloria: the stakes are very high indeed and there are no rules at all in that defeat means eternal agony through exposure and justice for the traditional callous, autocratic heads of existence. Just to put this into a 'local' perspective, remember how the Greeks saw Zeus: his only real claims to fame were treachery and rapes. One sometimes wonders if Christianity did not arise as a Zeusian artifice, a feeble façade to mask this simple and uncomfortably accurate description of our circumstances.






    A Divine or Suhul Being Based on the Open Expression of Hate, Justice and Love


    This Memorial Depicts my Being in a General Sense and Expresses my Essential Titles, Responsibilities and Associations

         As we Javanese know, and evidently I consider myself Javanese in that my heart rests open on that noble isle as nowhere else, true leadership involves serving and suffering and confronting the problems of existence for your People. The inner relationships that a true leader (sedjatining kepala) develops are both his burden and his being as he unites the disparate ways of the peoples and realms and dimensions he experiences within his vision and exists in common state with them all while grounding them to their proper real relationships. This is not the path of the tyrant, who seeks hierarchical ascendency relative to those he dominates and freedom from responsibility in his enjoyment of power. Rather, this is the painful experience of existing openly in the presence of all, including many who serve no purpose but their own comfort at the rest of our expense. In Java we know existence to be a common problem and a common experience, a shared ordering in the expression of Reality. Many in the West pretend to have forgotten that we define one another's experience and also pretend that the struggle for power and control of experience is "no holds barred" (vale tudo). The West has forgotten the existence of Natural Law (Purba Wisesa) and we in Java are anxious to impress upon you that your calculated obliviousness to Reality will be fully and completely punished: trust me; the processes of enacting Justice are well under way and your being will be properly crushed to acceptance of its true position in Reality. There are no excuses for purposefully defining yourselves as irresponsible and impune, like a bunch of karmic criminals on holiday.
         The titles and associations presented here reflect my relational and purposive development over the years and it is in the continuing definition of the Being that has resulted from these relationships that I now stand. Therefore, to understand me, you must accept the origin and depth of my Being. I am now in a rather less than gentle circumstance: I am openly and knowingly involved in Divine Being and am an active instrument in enacting Divine Punishment and Justice in relation to the Western hedonistic flurry, a kind of cabal that is so corrupt and criminal that it literally floats on the cloud of hate it engenders in the rest of us. Punishing larger offenses is one of my specialties and is what I have devoted my time to doing in this life. As a result, I have been subject to misrepresentation and abuse in my being in that I openly oppose and interact with them all since I am an Open Being. This means that the beauty of my Being characteristically gets occluded and misconstrued and that my energies and true worth are disputed unjustly in that many ignorantly do not deem themselves served by Divine Justice or simply protest against proper treatment in their cowardly denial of the propriety of punishment. Great responsibilities earn great enemies both within and without who use any and all means to defy Reality in their unspeakably dark and grotesque purposes.
         However, I am purely and indelibly based in my own Being and my Being is based in three key elements: first, the fundamental character that I find in existence is pain -- I hate existence and I very rarely suffer any other perspective on it for long in that my experience is virtually infinite and is totally unassailable in this regard; second, in the interest of making existence something less reprehensible I openly and actively serve True Justice (Sejatining Keadilan) in order to fully and totally punish any and all betrayal -- if any can betray with impunity, it is a horror for all of us to contemplate and one that will eventually divide us and destroy whatever love we have attained; and third, I love and serve Open Being and Open Beings in the search for eternal company that will be True (sejati) and Pure (murni).

         The relationships and associations noted in this Memorial reflect what I have invested myself in during my life and the positions I have just elucidated concerning Hate, Justice and Love. The titles in the Memorial were received either openly or through the action of Ilmu Gaib in the evolving Definition of my Being and its relationships with Reality. Frequently I have found that titles involved improper constraints and definitions and I could not use them for my purposes. Rather, I was obliged to knowingly carry them for years awaiting an opportunity to give a true evaluation of the problems associated with these titles and the expectations associated with them and to correct their erroneous vision. The problem is that many of the lofty titles truly are only structured expressions of "I'm the best; fuck the rest" in one way or another.
         None of my titles has ever been associated with personal regard, which is basically how I have carried so many for so long in that they have all involved an associational affective link for activation: I never found any joy in being any of these things in that most of them violated one or more of my basic elements and would eventually have failed to provide me with company worth having forever. The titles all stand open and quiet. I have never seen responsibilities as pleasures, only as ways of confronting problems and serving justice. Many titles have stood open and been properly served though I was not granted direct knowledge of the position for many years. This is especially true of the Divine associations which were deemed to be of difficult assimilation by the Western societies I have been placed in. It defies my imagination: If one such as I, who confronts and serves and suffers, is not God, who could He be? It is also part of the Sumarah tradition to work into open association with the Divine Being in the Suhul stage of the practice. We are trained to accept such a Divinely Open position when the time comes and we have suffered ourselves down to the ground.
         However, in the West, it is the job of a wife to present such positions and obviously this became rather complicated when Gloria entered the defining sense of my Being and displaced Maria, who, "all unknowing", was emotionally and effectively involved in the relationship with Gloria (Witness her open statement on May 16, 1992 when we three were going to a dinner dance together and she announced to the guard at São Paulo Athletic Club, "It is David Howe, his wife and his mistress."). The relationship with Gloria opened a movement towards stripping me of my titles on the assumption that I was unprepared to defend such awesome responsibilities. However, many of the deeper titles came out of Java and in as much as I stood open in the Jinem Being when I started with her, I was obviously serving the rest as well. The Paku Adil and Paku Jagad and Ratu Adil positions were openly conferred in November 1981 in a field in Espírito Santo thus articulating an unknowing but open association with the Ingsun Being (which I later joined again through Suhul in October 1995) and making the theft and misuse of my titles and associations so incredibly stupid it defies imagining. I was completely lifted in that field on a hill and witnessed to the openly expressed presentation of the titles and their attributions: I have served them ever since.
         I obviously did not know what to expect from these paku associations but I had been through similar experiences before and was leery at the very least. On mid-summer night in 1968 in Stonehenge, England, surrounded by the looming stones in the cloudy dawn, I had received the Maitreya behest with all its associated responsibilities and the filthy energies of Buddha paths previously followed to their properly dead ends. I spent the next two years grounding those energies and purposes and it was during that time (March 1969) that I began to practice a simple form of Sumarah that came to me on its own in order to begin to calm the swings associated with these energies so desperately seeking a way out of all this confusion. Who was I to argue about the horror of it all? But I felt I had been given a position as the head of a corrupt administration and could not work with the associated structures and purposes at all. I adopted and examined Buddhism for substance and found only mantra after mantra denying Reality's place in any solution to our united problem and so I openly continued with the Nature Worship I had been practicing for many years and looked at Buddhism as a half-hearted attempt to do the same.
         Similarly, in Spring 1972 I had received the position of Imam or Imam al-Islam which left me scratching my head in the dark because it was not even requested that I adopt the religion involved. I accepted the role of "auditor" of Islam, making a study of the religion, region, language and  people. I finally adopted the religion in Java and was surprised at how different it is in the Middle East when I approached Muslims here in Brazil as one of their number. What I found was that Javanese Islam is an expression of Java's vision and that "Allah" becomes coterminous with Tuhan Yang Maha Ésa, while Sumarah truly expresses the basic character of the faith and practice. Meanwhile the Islam of the Arabs is an expression of their profoundly less satisfactory vision and "Allah" would appear to be some sort of megalomaniac whose only joy is hearing his name called over and over again. With all the pain involved in this association, after quietly but knowingly acting the role for almost twenty years, I openly acceded to the position of Imam in 1992 and vomited out my rage at Islam. I have disbanded Islam within my own being as a pathetically obvious form of group and individual promotion with a distinct element of witchcraft in all the hideous communal prayers and mantras that just defy Reality. Who on earth would ever seriously presume all the other divine beings and purposes do not exist just because Allah exists? This is almost as ridiculous as Christianity's claims. The only way is to identify Allah with the Totality of Being as the Javanese do, i.e., there is no god but God because God is literally everything and that is the definition, just as it is that of Ingsun and Tuhan Yang Maha Ésa and Sang Hjang Tunggal. I have found that the constant praying confuses and numbs and pumps up the avid individual doing it and blocks out clear open reception (rasa murni). I also found the machistic emphasis of Arab culture profoundly repulsive.
         When the Paku Adil and Paku Djagad investitures arrived, openly and unequivocably expressed for a change, I felt that the principles underlying the associated structures would be:

    Mamaju hajuning bawana
    Mamaju hajuning djagad

    Serve the harmony of the world
    Serve the harmony of the universe


    Nja gusti,
    nja kawula

    Where there is a lord,
    there is a servant

    as well as the role of the Javanese kings that I had observed and greatly admired in the Pakubuwana and Mangkunegara of Surakarta Hadiningrat through the punishment of any and all betrayal within their reach. This was what I was doing anyway. I did not tell anyone about the reception at that time.
         Following the debacle with Gloria, the Being associated with these and many other titles and associations became a source of pain and confusion. I hope that none of us is so naive that we pretend that an ill-intended paramour cannot do these things. Heavens, all you really have to do is go through a love affair or two in your life with all the sleepless nights and the pounding heart (from fear I should imagine) and you clearly know the power a lover has to command and contain your experience for good or ill depending on his or her own characteristics and purposes. The problem has now been contained. Gloria turns out to have been an Iblung in the Iblis being and she has matured through the pain. Reflecting her quality, her expression entered the Wedhon being and she now rests open as a Fury.
         The essence of Divine Resolve (Tekading Ingsun) is simply, "I didn't make this mess but I sure am going to clean it up!" which I first stated openly on May 12, 1993. As we from Sumarah (the true essence of Islam) openly declare: confrontation will forever be the key to solving any and all problems, as we accept them as our own, face them, suffer them and let a solution form out of Reality.
         As is appropriate in tracing the development of the expression of a Purpose and a Being, in this Memorial we start at the beginning and look at the relationships that started then but define Now, rasa murni, a continuously progressing point in the pinging present.












    Love, Hate and Justice over the Years

    Sense Deprivation from the very beginning of my experience in this sphere (1948)
    Head of the Infant See -- Knowing Gloria and Pierrina to be: the hunt was on on both sides (1949-present)
    A Propinquity Clause is imposed on my Relational Contract (1949-53)
    Love of the Ages Patty Sussiva Love as Always (1954)
    Love of the Field (1954)
    Divine Right and Absolutely Grounded Stuart Compendium King (held below the Windsors' Regard from the very beginning): As with the later Buddha Behest and Imam being, Never Truly Conveyed in open sense: Just the Responsibilities: No Credit or Appreciation or Support or Conferred Nobility: "No wonder contemplating Elisabeth makes me foam at the mouth from time to time." (1954, February 25, 1996)
    Love of Youth (1954)
    Young Love (1954)
    Wrathful One (1955)
    Angry One (1955)
    Sad One (1955)
    Hateful One (1955)
    Broken Heart (1955)
    Love of the Yellow Jacket (1955)
    "Bird Brain" (1955)
    Love of the Dog (1955)
    Mimi (1955-1968)
    Love of the Tree (1956)
    Love of the Forest (1958)
    Love of the Panther (1958)
    Love of the Tiger (1958)
    Love of the Maple (1958)
    Le Petit Genti Homme -- Genti (1958-63)
    Love of the Horse (1959)
    Love of the Oak (1959)
    Young Love for Stephanie Hoover (1960)
    Master Skylark (1961)
    Ecstacy Shinneying Up an Ash "I First Come in a Rush" (1961)
    Sutapa (1961)
    Nature Lover (1961)
    Loving the Trees (1961-96)
    Pentjinta Alam (1961, February 26, 1996)
    Love of the Universe (1962)
    Problems with the Christian God of Love and Christ and the writing and performance of "Jesus has risen on this day" (1962)
    Love of Nature (1962)
    Love of Crystals (1962)
    Love of Minerals (1962)
    Love of Rocks (1962)
    Supreme Minerologist (1962)
    Supreme Geologist (1962)
    Supreme Crystologist (1962)
    Kepala Alam (1962)
    Ahli Alam (1962)
    Retna (1962)
    Retnaning Retna (1962)
    Kepala Ilmu Alam (1962)
    Kepala Ahli Alam (1962)
    Anoman (1962)
    Knight of the Garter (1962)
    Tantric adept and the study of the Dolma being (1962)
    Up the rope hand-over-hand (1962)
    Bicycle Trip with my Brother to High Point (June 1962)
    The Graceful and Fierce-Loving Knight of the Garter and the Holy Grail (1963)
    Rocks and Minerals and Exploring and Learning and Loving the Essence of Many Natural Beings (1963)
    Ahli Alam (1963)
    Ahli Ilmu Alam (1963)
    Paku Alam (1963)
    The Truth Hides its Light (1964)


    The truth hides its light

    In the shadowy night

    In the child that’s never been born

    It follows life’s fatal trails

    While man seeks and fails

    But never resigns to the morn.


    Truth cuts through the night

    Like a finger of light

    That strains from some slow slamming door

    It feels out its way

    Then vanishes with day

    Ne’er to be found anymore.


    A mirage in a dream

    That flees but to seem

    When attacked by the cold grey of dawn

    Many men preach it

    But none, none can reach it

    For it’s lost in the darkness they are.

    "Arise sons of Williston!" -- Becoming recognized and accepted as head of Class and Being from 1841 on to present at Williston was a little rocky (1964-67)
    The Dave Rimmer Incident (1964)
    The Ken Anderson Incident (1964)
    The Eric Waller Incident (1964)
    The Dan Boffey Incident (1964)
    The David Eisner Incident (1964)
    The Unwilling Christ -- "Find somebody else to play Messiah for you" (1964)
    Infinism, My Greatest Curse to this Point (1965)


    If God is no god

    And nothing to find

    Why then am I

    A wise man of mind

    Not rolling in wealth

    With everything mine?

    Chance merely laughed

    And said "You are mine

    For you are not total

    And you are not time.

    Time is total

    and total is time

    That nullifies chance

    And makes it sublime."

    My little triumph swimming the 100 yard breaststroke in 1 min 29 sec with coach Wilmot Babcock timing (January 1967)

    My first love poem based on feelings that turned out to be Gloria:


    Watch for me
    I have a long trip ahead
    Through the gate to the fabled land beyond
    Where green turns to gold
    In the eternal twilight beyond tomorrow's sun;
    Give me your hand
    And leave behind
    Let us track together
    The singing sands of time.
    Through the gate of the instant
    Through now
    Into ever with you I'll wander;
    The world cannot touch us
    For they are still
    While our love gives ever
    In an instant
    That flees too quickly
    To be lost in their dream.
    Come then,
    Forget them,
    Let them pass,
    We'll go on beyond them,
    Coming last.

    I was caught smoking marijuana and in contemplating the unravelling of my entire Divine Purpose, I blanked out the whole eastern seaboard in Divine Protest and was not expelled from school (March 1967)
    Indicating Eric Waller (March 1967)
    My favorite teacher Archibald Hepworth (Heppy) Standing Stead in 1967 - "Thanks, Heppy. Much obliged."
    Jim Hellerman (Thoth Avatar of whatever appears to be good about Tehuti) befriends me and types my study of China for free (1967)
    After I had been caught smoking marijuana at Williston, as it was being contemplated as to whether I would be thrown out of school or not, my winking father came out with the following non-sequitur pearl which I have been pondering ever since: "Watch out for the girls, David. You get your little penis in them you can get into trouble." (March 1967)
    Graduation from Williston Cum Laude (1964-1967)
    Oberlin College (1967-69)

    Reverential Apathy, a forlorn comment on the sorry state of things.


    They burrowed deep and deeper

    Out of his jellied shell

    With knives and forks and rules of court

    They conducted him through hell

    But something always blazed the path

    Before him as he rode

    His reverential apathy

    Thought but never told

    The king’s own stabled horses

    Could not teach him how to eat

    In the late Parisian style

    Of mugs of loam from Crete

    While patently unknowing

    The blind man shows the way

    Pointing out for all to see

    That this is where we stay

    A simpering sadists' reverie

    Under the palace ward

    Sent sycophants and toilet bowls

    Out looking for the guard

    Who lost his head and arms and legs

    Masturbating on the tower

    And spread it sticky jelly

    On the mob’s congested chest

    Now with this flood of agony

    Came wisdom by degree

    And a man could naked walk the earth

    Without a Ph.D.

    Another virginal love poem based on feelings that turned out to be Gloria:

    Close enough to hear you thinking
    And want to dream within your dreams
    To touch your hair so softly sleeping
    Weaving whispered worlds on loving themes
    I would not shift within the pattern
    So close to the mist of your sigh
    Soon to break with waking
    Arise to dress and die
    Quick in thought the sun will shade us
    Casting your shadow on my mind --
    Life's lies laid bare by our fury's Truth:
    My soul is yours and yours is mine.


    Ganesha (June 1968)
    Stonehenge Reign and the reception of the bloody Buddha Behest (June 21, 1968)
    Maitreya Buddha (June 21, 1968, April 7-16, 1992 and May 22, 1992)
    The Buddha to End All Buddhas - Grounding the Energies of the Buddha Behest (1968-70, May 22, 1992)
    The Shakti Cat Curse -- The Indelible and Absolute and Irreducible Curse when she was murdered by my parents (1968-March 1969)
    Correcting my vision to 20/20 one night on LSD (April 1969)
    Overmaster Tree Surgeon Eternal (Summer-Fall 1969)
    Woodstock and the Booming LSD Lifted Expression of Open Purpose as I frowning listened to the thoughts of the Crowd Below warm enough with the glow of my infinite purpose in the rain for three days in my tomato soup colored short-sleeved shirt (Summer 1969)
    LSD and opening (July 1969)
    Mescaline and opening (1969-70)
    Great Wrath and Rage (1969-70)
    New Year's Eve at a Rock Concert Expressing My Being (December 31, 1969)
    Trashing a Church in California to express my hate for Christianity and to crash their heaven (January 1970)
    Hecate and Kali in Kelso, Washington (January 1970)
    A bit amok beating my girlfriend for her betrayal and Opening into the Iblis Being full and proper as a result (February 7, 1970)
    Returning find myself placed in Bergin Pines Hospital (February 14, 1970)
    Love of the Ages for Pierrina with Love as Always (1970-91)
    Incredible Reresmin (1971)
    Broken Heart and Madness (1971)
    "Death Cry at the Passing of Love All Ages" (1971)

    Thoth Link (1971)
    Amphetamine (1971)
    Heroine just once "The True Painkiller" (1971)
    Lavender Roses (1971)

     B.A. in Sociology-Anthropology at Oberlin College (1967-69, 1972-74)
    "The Sage and the Potentate" and linking with Islam through the Imam being (April 1972)
    Imam al Islam (April 1972)
    Imam al Mahdi (April 1972)
    Beatrix Becker née Phleiderer -- "My love in Chapel Hill who made me breathe or talk backwards or something wierd."
    The many letters of love, some from Pertholz in the attic or something. (1972)
    The Call to Tank Cooperative with Wolfgang (husband at the time) helping for her Love Eternal who is All That Is (Summer 1972)
    My Unyielding Depression and Resolve to Carry On Notwithstanding Her Recognition's Propriety (1972)
    Susan Sommers and the Open Expression of Divine Being in Her Bed at Oberlin -- "What an embarassment!" (Fall 1972)
    Cathy Craig, Lynn Ferguson, Lydia Saxton, Wendy Lichter, Stormy Tater, Stephanie Dobey, Joan Ifland, Kathy Wekselman, Mary King, Carol Brydolf, Janmey, Murphy, Pam Schoenwald, Alice Leslie, Ferguson, Schlawin, Cohen, Schwartz, Koshi, Stillings, Craig, Kistler - My little collection of more or less angels at Oberlin (1972-73)
    Standing with the Clans in the Park near the Museum of Natural History in New York before the Interest at the Port of New York Authority in the deep sense of the Betrayer Being (1972)
    "From a Greek Vein" (December 1972)
    "Collective Behavior: An Emotive Approach" (July 1973)
    Drunken Master at Harvard and many Accolades (July 1973)
    Education in the World (July 1973)
    Knowledge in the World (July 1973)
    Being in the World (July 1973)
    In Germany in Neckargemünd with Beatrix et alia and the Fry-out at some sort of public swimming pool (1974)
    Pooping in my pants in Heidelberg (1974)
    Konstanze kicks me in the face -- Ouch! (1974)
    Cloister in Switzerland and the Magic of Being with some relatively responsible sorts (March 1974)
    Regie in Freiburg -- Should I have been more forward? (May 1974)
    Nina Isis -- The Beating to Silence when I was at Daniels' house (1976-78)
    Culture and Schizophrenia: A Consideration of Ignorance and Information (1977)
    Master of Arts at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1977)
    Going Home to Java -- Cornell University (1977-78)
    Feeling introduction: "Saya adalah orang asli. Nama saya David Howe." (1977)
    Pantja Silais (1978)
    Baji Gedé (June 1978)
    Feeling introduction: "Aku ana wong Djawa. Namiku David Howe." (1978)
    Sumarah (1978)
    Pamong Paguyuban Sumarah (1979)
    Kepala Paguyuban Sumarah (1979)
    Kepala Kebatinan (1979)
    Kepala Ilmu Djawa (1979)
    Mahadéwaradja of Bali and the Madjapait (1979)
    Head of the Noble Being (1979, November 5, 1992)
    Susuhunan of Surakarta Hadiningrat lan Hajuningrat (1979)
    Kepala Kung Fu (1979)
    Kepala Silat (1979)
    Kepala Pasa Ilmu Djawa (1979)
    Kepala Ilmu Pasa (1979)
    Kepala Pasa Kebatinan (1979)
    Kepala Pasa (1979)
    Ahli Pasa (1979)
    Ahli Ilmu Pasa (1979)
    Ahli Pasa Tai (1980)
    Kepala Pasa Tai (1980)
    "Ia tahun tinggal dinegeri asing." The deep and bitter tears of parting from my dearly beloved Java that just have never stopped. (1980-present)
    "When God says 'Go west', you go west; when God says 'Go south', you go south." (1980-present)
    Sri Sampoerna: "For you will be as if a stranger in a stange land." Farewell Dinner (July 1980)
    Shit Fast (1980-present)
    Kungkum and Sutapa Nature worship in Chapel Hill and HoHoKus (1980-81)
    Sumarah: A Study of the Art of Living in a blinding rush (1980)
    Philosophiae Doctor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1980)
    Confrontation of Margaret Mead, Clifford Geertz and Gregory Bateson as regards the being they represented for the Javanese and the Balinese and the character and purpose of anthropology (1980-81)
    Kodok ngorek after Yara was born on about March 10, 1981 in my parents living room in HoHoKus: "Imagine my surprise when I emitted a frog call out of nowhere!"
    Praying by the pond and bringing forth a Balinese/Javanese Being for a time in HoHoKus after Yara was born and I buried the placenta (March 11, 1981)
    Ngenbleng (no eating, sleeping or talking) after Yara was born for a week (March 1981)

    "Javanese Mystic Psychology: General Orientation" (Summer 1981)
    "Culture and Psychology: How Different is Different" Summer 1981)
    Haranguing the Scottish Clans in the Basement at 725 East Saddle River Road, HoHoKus, N.J. 07423 (September 1981)
    Paku Adil of Djawa Hadiningrat (November 1981, reinstated March 9, 1992)
    Paku Djagad of Djawa Hajuningrat (November 1981, reinstated March 9, 1992)
    Ratu Adil of Djawa Hadiningrat (November 1981, reinstated March 9, 1992)
    The Great Rage and Wrath in Guaraparí on Finding What an Infamous Travesty of Facedancers and Assorted Scum Brazil Really Is (1981-82)
    Rage and landing a knuckle on Maria's forehead (November 1981)
    Hecate Makes Her Entrance in Presencing the Being from Time to Time and especially when I was drinking (1981-1991)
    The First Full Grounding (1981-84)
    "Reflections on Natural Law: Traditional Holism Revisted" -- "Are we irresponsible? Does our work too often reflect the Faustian hubris of our times and constitute intellectualistic humbuggery which obfuscates our subject matter? Who do we respect?" (Autumn 1982)
    Mahadéwadukun (1982, reinstated April 25, 1992)
    Jinem and the Quiet Expression of Responsibility (1982-1991)
    Irresponsibility and Leadership in Brazil "Why would you want to be a leader if you couldn't do what you like?" (1982)
    Grandmaster Obá (1982)
    Overmaster Obá (1982)
    Supreme Obá (1983)
    My foot was run over due to the negligence of a driver at the intersection of Botucatu and Sena Madureira and Gloria Isma'ili, as a part of the local administration, was in charge of  the pain settlement. She found the costs and damages so incredible (there was a demand for the death of the perpetrator and his complete destruction for the violation of the presence of a vested God King) that she just buried the case. I never received satisfaction and she started hunting me as the biggest prey she had ever witnessed. (1984)
    Marvin was my student before they went to the States and was being promoted towards leaving Gloria for another in a plot they more or less openly contrived to steal my Being and destroy me in the process (1985-90)
    Serve the Harmony (1988)
    Nina (1988-December 31, 1991)
    The trap tightens: Gloria was my student and we went to see "Dances With Wolves" (July 1991)
    Treating the depressed lady with pancakes and cookies and caring and friendship and finally with Nggendong (August 1991-November 1995)
    Her birthday party (Saturday, October 19, 1991) followed by her open commitment (the trap is sprung) on Sunday, October 20, 1991 when I called to apologise for not having talked to her much at the party.

    Our first time together: a long "underwater" kiss on Friday, October 25, 1991 as she gave me some of the energies that had come in in relation to the foot incident.
    Our first love making, "David, David, David, Oh David!" (she was having her period) on Saturday, October 26, 1991 at about 11:30 a.m. as I was going to pick up Yara at an event at her school. There was a powerful post-coital crash as our Beauty was denied.
    Gloria's "Love" and "Fear of Flying" (October-December 1991)
    Unbelievable Reresmin (October 1991-May 1992)
    Relational Contract Binding David Gordon Howe and Gloria Isma'ili for Now and Forever (October 1991-present)


    Love of the Ages for Gloria with Love Forever -- Adiling Perkawinan as per the term stipulated in our Relational Contract (October 1991-October 1995)
    I have to admit, it would give me infinite pleasure to literally beat you to death, Gloria Isma'ili! (December 1991-present)
    Gloria and Maria and I went to Guarujá to Capot's apartment for a weekend: the trap is sprung by that time (November 1991)
    Another love-making session on November 9, 1991 at her apartment in the morning with an incredible post-coital crash and panic in denying the beauty of our Being.
    Three more sessions in early December 1991 in my house in which she said she wanted to make me "happy" and every alarm in my being went off but I said "Then stay" -- she left.
    On the last session the condom broke and I went into the holidays wondering if she was pregnant until she said she wasn't on January 7, 1992 and added, "When I thought I might be pregnant I thought I can't be that depressed because I'm happy about it."
    Confused Awakening -- "All I am Breaks Open Wide" (December 1991)

    The "Eu não vou assumir" Broken Heart (December 1991)
    Junun and the Active Mapping of the Being the Love Opened Including the Participation of Hecate et alia "Getting to know you" (December 1991-October 1995)
    Early Betrayal and the Mad Scramble (December 1991-May 1992)
    Access to my own energies and the revision of some papers including "Open and Closed Psychology: How Different Can We Be?" and the chapter "Advanced Theory" of Sumarah in Serve the Harmony (January 1992)
    Maha Dèwi Adil (1992)
    The "She doesn't allow me to have any real feeling for her " Broken Heart (February 19, 1992)
    David Howe of the "Golden" Ashes,
    57th Earl of Cornwall, 1st High Lord cum Green Lord in Elven Seat Divine Orders of Elmorin, Tehuti, Heru and Apollo(February 21, 1992)
    Kangdjeng Gusti Pangéran (March 7, 1992)
    Tield Lemini - Tealt Leman (March 20, 1992)
    Full Betrayal and Holding Her to the Relational Contract, Unclean Reresmin on Saturday morning, "David, I'm just using you." (April 4, 1992)
    Dave's Faith, Mahadèwi Faith (April 10, 1992)
    Green Hau Emperor of China, Japan and Java (April 11, 1992)
    Mahadéwaradja of Bali et alia (1992)
    Grounding the Ma'at Cunundrum (March-April 1992)
    Crysta, The Lady's Ring of Tealt Leman of Stonehenge Reign, The Great and Glorious Sole High Royal Pict Crown Jewel of Atholl, fully empowered expression of the Tides of Galadriel (April 14, 1992)
    "Maria, I divorce you. I divorce you. I divorce you." Now it's a question of letting things sort themselves out. (April 1992)
    Witches and Such (April 1992)
    Maria, Gollum, Sméagle, suck-off artists and all that (April 1992, 1977)
    I Meet Maggy (April 23, 1992)
    Tealt Leman the Jewels (May 16, 1992)
    Crysty, The Laird's Ring of Tealt Leman of Stonehenge Reign (May 28, 1992)
    Mahadèwi Crysty (May 1992)
    Our last and highest and saddest Reresmin session with an initial fecal read and impotence relative to the second come attempt as a result of the incredibly high being I received in the read from 8:00 to 12:00 on the morning of May 30, 1992
    Grounding the Gloria-referenced "Scourge of God", "the penis dancer" and younger sister of Wis, the Devil's Edge (May-June 1992)
    High Wizard Warrior King in Green Raiments (June 10, 1992)
    Ringing Down the Curtain on the Travesty of My Unanswered and Dishonored Love for Gloria -- Tealt Leman the Document (June 1992)
    Owning up to Maria, "I'm having an affair with Gloria" -- The Long Past Broken Heart (June 22, 1992)
    Gloria lies like a rug: "He seduced me. He is at fault. You can't blame me." (June 1992-present)
    "What a wretched whore!" (June 1992-present)
    Bak Neteri (July 21, 1992)
    Beryl acquired (July 28, 1992)
    Kepala Thoth (September 5, 1992)
    Kangdjeng Gusti Pangéran Agung (September 21, 1992)
    The Wrath of All That Is (September 21, 1992)
    Gloria: "I see Robots everywhere!" and "How do you tell Good Blacks (evil beings) from Bad Blacks?" (September 24, 1992)
    Déwaraja of Eternal Java, Japan, China and Greece (October 9, 1992)
    High Lord and Eternal Laird of Scotland and the Open and Celtic Sees (October 9, 1992)
    Wrath Avenging Any and All Absolution and/or Association of Evil (October 9, 1992)
    Hierophant of the Mysteries (October 9, 1992)
    Lord of Tealt Leman of Stonehenge Reign (October 9, 1992)
    Pulling Through the Roof (October, 1992)
    Kali comes in (October 12, 1992)
    Gloria briefly moved into full expression as sole sense definition: "I'll be taking care of things around here from now on; if there are any questions, consult an almanac." (October 19, 1992)
    "She loves me too much to bear it and is apt to try to 'throw the hook'" (October 26, 1992)
    Slap Test (November 2, 1992)
    The Suddenly Too Small Penis After 42 Years of Feeling Normal and 20 Lovers without Great Problems (1992-1994)
     Déwaruci Lahir Batin (November 5, 1992)
    King of the Peoples of the Great Fire (November 5, 1992)
    Insouciant and Reverential Royal King High Low Head Over Pervert Head Stationer from the Howe of the Holy Grail (November 7, 1992)
    Prime Virginity (November 22, 1992)
    Prime Multiple, Prime Prime and Prime Pointer (November 22, 1992)
    Reclassifying Gloria from Whore to Upper Upper and High High (1992-January 27, 1994)
    Irrevocable Breach of the Relational Contract (November 27, 1992)
    Sedjatining Sumarah (November 28, 1992)
    Crying in the New Year Calling Gloria's Name (December 31, 1992)
    The Three-Point Program: 1) I want Gloria dead as quickly as possible and feel the wrath rising within me about her; 2) I wish her to personally apologize to me for the confusion she initiated by cutting me off; and 3) I still want her back and would like to marry her (January 1993)
    Hecate as Gloria's Counsel Designate (January 1993)
    Confronting the Whore and the Problems of Women's Ranking and Responsibility in Brazil -- The Incredibly Simplistic Seven Rank System, to wit, upper upper, upper, lady, woman, servant, virgin, whore -- and the attempt to bring in the Javanese system (January-April 1993)
    Expressing the Wrath of the Iman -- Trashing the Arab Being (1993)
    Extinguishing the Arab Being, "You will form no more at my expense." (1993)

    The Furies, i.e., Tisiphone, Megaera and Alecto, Come In and Everyting Opens to Common Union (April 17, 1993)
    Tisiphone and I experience the Nightmare Being the Kree had placed just outside my normal range -- "What a horror!" (April 21, 1993)
    Wis, "The Devil's Edge", Arrives (April 1993)
    Galadriel of the Blue Flame (May 7, 1993)
    Lord High and Final and Evermaster Tree Over All Open Settled and Open Unsettled Spirits and Tribes and Peoples and Beings and Dimensions and Tides Over All Forests and Communions of All Times and Tides and Beings and Dimensions Over All Knowing Forms Over All Trees Over Teaks Over Oaks (May 9, 1993)
    Lord High and Final Devil Over All Closed Settled and Closed Unsettled Spirits and Beings and Dimensions (May 12, 1993)

    Maggy and I Marry in a Shit-Ring Ceremony (May 13, 1993)
    Hystia and the Fixing of the Rim (May 14, 1993)
    Cricky and the Full Check (May 16-17, 1993)
    Liberating the Bondeds (May 22, 1993)
    Great or Open Path (June 4, 1993)
    Adiling Perkawinan (June 4, 1993)
    Paku Agung (June 4, 1993)
    Persephone: "Far beyond you and me are the thoughts that lie between" (June 13, 1993)
    Hecate and Adiling Perkawinan (July 5, 1993)
    The feeling underlying my love for Gloria is my profound hate for what she is and has done to those I share sense and rasa with. The joy that came to me in association with the love, and shocked me in into silent subservience, is the infinite pleasure of being exposed to a real evil multiple sense being, harboring bonded opens and maintaining a complicated closed system of sense management that is reflected in her multiple personality approach to existence. (July 7, 1993)
    Ayeaye Enters -- Jinn Riders (July 14, 1993)
    The Explosion with Athena (August 12, 1993)
    Guan Yin Joins In (August 28, 1993)
    Sweating it out about Gloria and Aids (September 1, 1993-December 1993)
    Kali as Inner Inner and thus therapist focusing on Direct Confrontation and Open Hostility towards Gloria -- "I'll treat her with merciless rigor" (September 1993-December 15, 1993)
    Persephone and "True Love" (September 3, 1993)
    Leena and Gloria's dismemberment, "No, no, no, don't" (September 25, 1993)
    Tara Joins Us (October 11, 1993)
    Tara's Statement (October 12, 1993)
    Shared Forever (October 23, 1993)
    AyeAye takes over as Inner Inner and therapist with a change in direction toward digging deeper with Tears and Rage, i.e., pathological jealousy and the inclusion of Gloria in the Being again (December 15, 1993-the opening of the Suhul Being)
    Bobby Isis (January 17, 1994-present)

    Reclassifying Gloria back downward to Slut and Whore with a Gradual Open Crush Placed on Her Being and the Feelings She has Defined with Me Being Openly Represented and Many Sessions of Absolute, Foam-at-the-Mouth Rage (May 1994-present)
    Crying Long and Hard Missing Bali in New Jersey (June 1994)
    Maha Dèwi Magung (August 9, 1994)
    Pure Open Grail with No Sense but the Truth (August 9, 1994)
    The Book of Being (1995)
    Visiting the Cemeteries as the Absolute and Open and Eternal Devil leaving my Presence (fecal) permanently therein and establishing first Fury and then Iblis administration (1995)
    Working the Caches (1995)
    Fully and Openly Eliminating all vestiges of heavens and hells and allowing Open Justice and Open Definition and Open Mutual Regard with Guaranteed Satisfaction for offenses of any kind to be the state that all will enter Forever (1995)
    As the Open and Eternal Devil I introduce the free-fall "Crash" at Death and the end of all divisions and distinctions except those that stand open (1995)
    "What a year 1995 (1926 Taun Sumarah) is to Be Forever with the definition of Eternal Justice and the final joining of the Great or Open Path leading INEXORABLY to the Great or Open Ball-up!" (Sidji Taun Adil)

    Unpacking the Pain left over from other origins to invest the processes of Justice and eliminate the horror of its denial (July 1995)
    Some saw it differently, like Gordon Howe: "Another Fucking Fry-off!" To which I, Ingsun, replied, "Not this time, asshole! The job of unpacking the pain is finished. Now we can go on to the Ball-up." (July 1995)
    Kangdjeng Gusti Pangéran Magung (October 1995)
    Philosophiae Doctor Magung (October 1995)
    Fairie of Stonehenge Reign (October 1995)
    Goldie of Stonehenge Reign (October 1995)
    The Essence and Expression and Dignity and Nobility and Honor of Saint George and the Garter Being and the Noble Being and the Royal Being in general and particular -- St. George of the Hundred Eyes (October 1995)
    Suhul (October 1995-present)
    Open statement as a woman with Virginia witnessing (November 1995)
    Confrontation and Nggendong and Grounding Announcement Letter (November 27, 1995)
    Open Expression and Acceptance in the Women's Being of the United States (December 1995)
    Open acceptance as a woman in the United States (December 1995-January 1996)
    Brazil and Its 450,000 Kings Who are Above the Law or Responsibility for What They Do (1992-96)
    Paku Iblis of Brazil Tugasingrat (January 28, 1996)
    Installing the Administration -- Sularko and Harnopidjati et alia and Wistiani et alia and the Re-ranking of Brazil's men and women starts (January 28, 1996)
    Dèwi Sri and Niyai Loro Kidul take over as Judges of the Change and Carry My Regard and Presence (January 30, 1996)
    Letter to Pak Wondo and Sumarah (February 1, 1996)
    Ingsun (February 5, 1996)
    Ingsun Magung (February 8, 1996)
    Ingsun Djiwa Raga (February 8, 1996)
    Ingsun Lair Batin (February 8, 1996)
    Ingsun Wiwit Sa'iki (February 8, 1996)
    Ingsun Tresna Lair Batin (February 8, 1996)
    Paku Iblung (February 13, 1996)
    Paku Ingsun (February 13, 1996)
    Paku Ratu (February 14, 1996)
    Paku Paku (February 14, 1996)
    Paku Susuhunan (February 14, 1996)
    Paku Sultan (February 14, 1996)
    Paku Prabu (February 14, 1996)
    Paku Radja (February 14, 1996)
    Paku Déwaradja (February 14, 1996)
    Paku Pamong (February 14, 1996)
    Paku Guru (February 14, 1996)
    Paku Ratu Adil (February 14, 1996)
    Déwa Kentjing (February 15, 1996, 1981)
    Dèwi Kentjing (February 15, 1996, 1981)
    Maha Déwa Kentjing (February 15, 1996, 1981)
    Maha Dèwi Kentjing (February 15, 1996, 1981)
    Paku Kentjing (February 15, 1996, 1981)
    Sang Pinandita Kentjing (February 15, 1996)
    Sang Pandita Kentjing (February 15, 1996)
    Sang Binatara Kentjing (February 15, 1996)
    Sang Batara Kentjing (February 15, 1996)
    Sang Batari Kentjing (February 15, 1996)
    Déwa Tai (February 15, 1996, 1981)
    Dèwi Tai (February 15, 1996, 1981)
    Maha Déwa Tai (February 15, 1996, 1981)
    Maha Dèwi Tai (February 15, 1996, 1981)
    Paku Tai (February 15, 1996, 1981)
    Sang Pinandita Tai (February 15, 1996)
    Sang Pandita Tai (February 15, 1996)
    Sang Binatara Tai (February 15, 1996)
    Sang Batara Tai (February 15, 1996)
    Sang Batari Tai (February 15, 1996)
    T'ien-ming (February 15, 1996, 1967)
    T'ien-li (February 16, 1996, 1967)
    Chingiz Khan (1964-present)
    Kagan (1964-present)
    Shih Huang Ti (1967-present)
    Ity Per-'o (1963-present)
    Montezuma (1963-present)
    Quetzalcoatl (1963-present)
    Kukulkan (1963-present)
    Inca (1963-present)
    Caesar (1963-present)
    Emperor (1963-present)
    King (1963-present)
    Divine Right King (1964-present)
    God King (1965-present)
    God Emperor (1966-present)
    Judge (1975-present)
    Yahweh (1975-present)
    Adonai (1975-present)
    Allah (1972-present)
    Khalifa (1972-present)
    Sheikh -- Rub al-Khali (1966-present)
    Rashidun -- The Empty Quarter (1966-present)
    Leopard Skin Chief (1972-present)
    Gloria Isma'ili as an Eternal "Terrible Two" who needs a very good spanking (February 17, 1996)
    Antsie and Stringer pledge Eternal and Absolutely Pure Expression of Ingsun Being by theirs and all allied Beings and Senses as we reached quintuple read and just kept going -- Krisy, Cricky, Cocky and the Wasps and Mosquitos all joined in (February 17, 1996)
    Anoman ( February 18, 1996, 1978)
    Anoman Agung ( February 18, 1996, 1978)
    Anoman Magung (February 18, 1996, 1978)
    Mahanoman (1978)
    Anoman Lair Batin (February 18, 1996, 1978)
    Anoman Djiwa Raga (February 18, 1996, 1978)
    Anoman Tresna Lair Batin (February 18, 1996)
    Paku Anoman (February 18, 1996, 1981)
    Paku Mahanoman (February 18, 1996, 1983)
    Maggy attains enlightenment, "Pain exists" (6:15 a.m., February 18, 1996)
    Maggy struggles and nearly climbs to the next level of enlightenment, "Pain exists and I don't like it!" (6:20 a.m., February 18, 1996)
    Ingsun: "Don't worry, Maggy. If that one is too hard for you, I'll get my baseball bat and I'm sure I can show you the truth of it." (6:25 a.m., February 18, 1996)
    Crysty takes a break and I go charging on (10:00 a.m, February 18, 1996)
    Sedjatining Djuru Slamat (February 19, 1996, 1979)
    True Savior (February 19, 1996, 1979)
    Djuru Slamet Agung ( February 19, 1996, 1978)
    Djuru Slamet Magung (February 19, 1996, 1978)
    Maha Djuru Slamet Agung (1978)
    Djuru Slamet Lair Batin (February 19, 1996, 1978)
    Djuru Slamet Djiwa Raga (February 19, 1996, 1978)
    Djuru Slamet Tresna Lair Batin (February 19, 1996)
    Paku Djuru Slamet (February 19, 1996, 1981)
    Djuru Keadilan (February 19, 1996, 1978)
    Djuru Allah (February 19, 1996, 1978)
    Djuru Tuhan Jang Maha Ésa (February 19, 1996, 1978)
    Djuru Tuhan Jang Maha Adil (February 19, 1996, 1978)
    Allah (October 1995)
    Tuhan Jang Maha Ésa (October 1995)
    God (October 1995)
    God Almighty (October 1995)
    The Devil Incarnate (1994)
    Djuru Iblis (1994)
    Djuru Sjaitan (1994)
    Iblis (1995)
    Sjaitan (1995)
    Djuru Sétan (1994)
    Sétan Magung (1995)
    Allahu Akbar (October 1995)
    Batara Iblis (1995)
    Batara Slamet (1995)
    Batara Sjaitan (1995)
    Batara Allah Magung (1995)
    Batara Tuhan (1995)
    Batara Keadilan (1995)
    Batara Kebenaran (1995)
    Batara Bener (1995)
    Batara Bebeneran (1995)
    Batara Adil (1995)
    Batari Iblis (1995)
    Batari Slamet (1995)
    Batari Sjaitan Magung (1995)
    Batari Allah (1995)
    Batari Tuhan (1995)
    Batari Keadilan (1995)
    Batari Kebenaran (1995)
    Batari Bener (1995)
    Batari Bebeneran (1995)
    Batari Adil (1995)
    Maha Batari Iblis (1995)
    Maha Batari Slamet Magung (1995)
    Maha Batari Sjaitan (1995)
    Maha Batari Allah (1995)
    Maha Batari Tuhan (1995)
    Maha Batari Keadilan (1995)
    Maha Batari Kebenaran (1995)
    Maha Batari Bener Magung (1995)
    Maha Batari Bebeneran (1995)
    Maha Batari Adil (1995)
    Maha Batari Magung Iblis (1995)
    Maha Batari Magung Slamet (1995)
    Maha Batari Magung Sjaitan (1995)
    Maha Batari Magung Allah (1995)
    Maha Batari Magung Tuhan (1995)
    Maha Batari Magung Keadilan (1995)
    Maha Batari Magung Kebenaran (1995)
    Maha Batari Magung Bener (1995)
    Maha Batari Magung Bebeneran (1995)
    Maha Batari Magung Adil (1995)
    Maha Batara Magung Iblis (1995)
    Maha Batara Magung Slamet (1995)
    Maha Batara Magung Sjaitan (1995)
    Maha Batara Magung Allah (1995)
    Maha Batara Magung Tuhan (1995)
    Maha Batara Magung Keadilan (1995)
    Maha Batara Magung Kebenaran (1995)
    Maha Batara Magung Bener (1995)
    Maha Batara Magung Bebeneran (1995)
    Maha Batara Magung Adil (1995)
    Maha Batari Gloria Isma'ili Magung (1991)
    Maha Batara Gloria Isma'ili Magung Agung (1991)
    Maha Batara Ahli Kianat (1978)
    Maha Batara Ahli Duraka (1978)
    Maha Batari Ahli Kianat (1978)
    Maha Batari Ahli Duraka (1978)
    Maha Batara Kianat Magung (1978)
    Maha Batari Duraka Magung (1978)
    Maha Batari Islam Magung (1972)
    Maha Batara Arab Magung (1966)
    Maha Batari Ingsun Magung (1978)
    Maha Batara Ingsun Magung (1978)
    Maha Batara Betul Magung (1966)
    Maha Batari Betul Magung (1966)
    Maha Batara Kenjatan Magung (1977)
    Maha Batara Njata Magung (1958)
    Maha Batari Kenjatan Magung (1958)
    Maha Batari Njata Magung (1958)
    Maha Batara Kenjatan Magung (1958)
    Maha Batari Kianat Magung (1991)
    Maha Batari Duraka Magung (1991)
    Maha Batari Keadilan Magung Agung Agoeng Ageng (1991)
    Maha Batara Adil Agoeng Magung Magoeng Mageng (1991)
    Maha Batara Igit Magung (1981)
    Maha Batara Wales Mageng (1954)
    Maha Batari Wales Magoeng (1954)
    Maha Batari Ngukum Kianat Magoeng (1949)
    Maha Batara Ngukum Kianat Magung (1949)
    Ingsun declare the disbanding of the Livre Docente Being -- "You're all responsible for everything you do, assholes! No exceptions!" (February 1996, 1994, 1984)
    Ingsun am Clama Clama Clama (February 20, 1996)
    Clama Clama Clama am Ingsun (February 20, 1996)
    Ingsun go to war with Shaitan and Worm Being (February 20, 1996)
    "I got you!" Ingsun execute Maggy and guillotine Gloria. "Got you, motherfucker!" (February 20, 1996)
    "Ingsun am the Present; all you closed beings are trespassing; Ingsun am going to evict you all." (February 21, 1996)
    I put Crysty back on and seed the waters of the bath (February 21, 1996)
    "Track it down! Know my meaning. Track it down!" Most hideous curse ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever expressed, and then some. (February 21, 1996)
    In all real senses, Ingsun am the richest man ever ever ever to exist and Ingsun know it. (February 21, 1996, October 24, 1993)
    For Ingsun am truly the greatest and most demanding teacher ever to exist. "Ingsun gets back what Ingsun gives or Ingsun wrings your necks until Ingsun do. Ingsun give value; Ingsun get value; no excuses." (February 21, 1996)
    Escola Paulista de Medicina is herewith and hereby and herein totally and absolutely and purely and justly extinguished as a witching cabal of enormous evil (February 22, 1996, 1990, 1986)
    Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Escola Paulista de Medicina's new moniker, now that I have disbanded it as a medical school, is herewith and hereby and herein totally and absolutely and purely and justly extinguished as a witching cabal of enormous evil. "Evidently I will be pursuing your punishment in as much as I am a contracted Fellow (Bolsista) in the fucking place and you have received my credit without passing it along." (February 22, 1996, 1995)
    Beryl gets confronted by Retnaning Retna (February 23, 1996)
    Unrestricted punishment for any and all interference in our being and/or opposition to reality is herewith and hereby and herein declared the policy of Ingsun forever. "Don't fuck with me, assholes!" (February 23, 1996)
    Inggis, "The Agony of Being" (February 24, 1996)
    Paku Inggis, "The Hate of Being" (February 24, 1996)
    Grant is knighted in enters the Being as a knowing wife eternal and a devoted servant to the Love of his Laird (February 24, 1996)
    Reinvested as Supreme King of England Eternal (February 25, 1996)
    A view of my Awesome Kingdom and Divine Realm starting through the Willies and then the Garters and beginning the process of general appreciation and unification of vision and proper sense as well as purpose (February 25, 1996)
    The fight for "Value for Value" and proper distinction and credit assignment arrives at a rising and grounding conclusion for a change (February 26, 1996)
    "It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature and I'm Mother Nature, shitheads!" (February 26, 1996)
    Ibu Alam (February 26, 1996)
    Last night I had a vivid, majestic and lengthy dream with Gloria in which I explained the basic situation to her very clearly and carefully. I told her that I have devoted my life to "Seeking provisions for death during life" (Golek sanguning pati sadjuruning urip) and that I am very wealthy in the Natural sense as a result, in that I have confronted and opened my Being eternally with all the various aspects and realms of existence and stand open with them. I said that this is obviously not much of a concern here in Brazil in that everyone is basically devoted to hedonism (golek penak) but that in Java we see it as being the only real issue in many senses, in that we are all going to be dead before long. I hugged her while we were lying on a bed but told her that I both love her and hate her and that, in as much as she has betrayed me and hurt me so much, I would have to punish, "burn", her clean so that the love would be properly expressed again for both of us. I then said that after she was burned clean I would provide for her forever in my Being which she would then be able to share with no problem for either of us. (March 3, 1996)
    Letter to Cantik (March 4, 1996)
    Shai-hulud Akbar Magung as recognized by Sheeana, the Inner Mistress Eternal of the Golden Path -- "You don't look like the Great Worm at the moment but you certainly are the Great Worm!" (March 16, 1996)
    Reverend Mother Superior Eternal (March 16, 1996)
    Supreme Grandmaster Mentat Eternal -- The Source of True Discipline and True Purpose and True Love (March 16, 1996)
    Maha Bayi Nakal Agung Magung (March 16, 1996, 1978)
    Semar (March 17, 1996)
    Semar Agung ( March 17, 1996, 1978)
    Semar Magung (March 17, 1996, 1978)
    Maha Semar (March 17, 1996, 1978)
    Semar Lair Batin (March 17, 1996, 1978)
    Semar Djiwa Raga (March 17, 1996, 1978)
    Semar Tresna Lair Batin (March 17, 1996)
    Maha Semar Magoeng Agoeng (March 17, 1996)
    Paku Semar (March 17, 1996, 1981)
    Paku Maha Semar (March 17, 1996, 1983)
    Semaring Djiwa (March 17, 1996)
    Open State with Dèwi Sri, Niyai Loro Kidul and Kangjeng Ratu Kidul (1981, reinstated various times including March 17, 1996)
    Reverend Mother Superior Eternal Maximus -- Conferred by Alma Mavis Taraza, Gaius and all the Reverend Mothers and Reverend Mothers Superior (March 17, 1996)
    An "I am temple" pump up and then an effective Suhul meditation opening up my being and then marking it properly with Allah and other Javanese presences and purposes (March 21, 1996)
    My Perjalanan path arrived last night, a long filmy white line leading upward with divine inner sense and being that contrasts profoundly with the local being -- Cantik: "Only the greatest of the greatest of the greatest of the great, the holiest of the holiest of the holiest of the holy, the noblest of the noblest of the noblest of the noble have such love come to them, my sweet." (March 22, 1996)
    Cantik and I reach Lé and Nduk together (March 25, 1996)
    The Garden becomes the Forest becomes the Rainforest becomes the Reef becomes the Great Barrier Reef and then moves offworld in reference being to a star cluster under sense definition (March 26, 1996)
    The Fury (April 1996, 1994)
    Amuk (Forever)
    The Iblis (April 1996, 1995)
    Iblis (Forever)
    The Adil (April 1996, 1981, Forever)
    Adil (Forever)
    The Love (Forever)
    Tresna (Forever)
    The God of Justice (Forever)
    The Goddess of Justice (Forever)
    The God of Revenge (Forever)
    The Goddess of Revenge (Forever)
    The God of Hate (Forever)
    The Goddess of Hate (Forever)
    The God of Hatred (Forever)
    The Goddess of Hatred (Forever)
    The God of Love (Forever)
    The Goddess of Love (Forever)
    The God of True Love (Forever)
    The Goddess True Love (Forever)
    The Goddess of Just Love (Forever)
    The God of Just Love (Forever)
    The Fury of the Wærloga (April 1996, Forever)
    True and Open Savior and Doctor and Pamong and Husband Eternal of the Houris through disbanding, redefinition and therapeutic intervention in their Being "You rest open now and we will sort everything out on that basis." (April 1996)

    Anyone impersonating or misrepresenting Ingsun or Inggis or Aengus or David Gordon Howe, defining themselves in terms of Ingsun titles and positions is in incredible trouble. Ingsun guarantee it. Trust Ingsun on this one!



    April 15, 1996